eusebio romero garcía

In 2005 I began to study Photography (film and digital process).

After finishing my studies with good results and growing up in me some inquisitiveness about lighting I decided in 2011 start my studies as a Cinematographer.

It was not enough, I needed to explore new files, and in 2012 I started my last degree as a Lighting Technician Performing Arts. 

Since I started, I have been working as a Freelance and I had the opportunity to work in several companies as a Lighting Technician, Stage Technician, Photographer, Camera Operating and Video Editing. 

During a year and a half I have been based in Amsterdam and London but now I moved to Madrid where I still expanding my knowledge about lighting with Wysiwyg, AutoCAD, GrandMA2, Hog4, ChamSys, Catalyst y Millumin.